6 Best Lightweight Hunting Tripod [Review and Buying Guide 2024]

Obviously, you hate putting extra weight on your backpack. Who doesn’t? But that doesn’t mean you’ll leave the tripod behind. Then how are you planning to catch those hunts with your gun out there? Will your hands be enough to get you a stable shot every time? We don’t think so.

But there’s something that can change this. Yes, we’re talking about the best lightweight hunting tripod. It won’t only be strong and efficient but also small and lightweight at the same; exactly what you’d like to bring in not to make the backpack any heavier.

Best Lightweight Hunting Tripod

Well, clearly, you’ll need some good options to make the final choice. Don’t worry; we’ve got that part covered here with the top 6 lightweight hunting tripods. Feel free to pick your one.

The List of the Best Lightweight Hunting Tripods

The job you’re up for is indeed full of challenges. But when you’ve got one of the top 6 lightweight hunting tripods, we bet a part of that surely is going to be eased up. So, are you ready to grab yours? If it’s yes, then check the first one out –

1. Vortex Optics High Country Tripod

When you’re trying to reach the top of a hill, everything you’re carrying on your back will start defining gravity more than ever, even your tripod too. After all, not all tripods are like HC-2 Tripod from Vortex Optics.

With a weight of 997 grams only, not even the highest hill will be anything you’ll have to fear for climbing. Plus, with a compact design, it won’t be eating up too much room as well.

But what actually makes it so light? Well, the secret is nothing but its anodized aluminum legs, which didn’t only make it light but also strong and durable as well. By the way, these legs are variable. As it can easily reach from 15″ to 52.3″, it doesn’t matter if you need shots from a higher height or lower one.

You might be wondering what if the center column prevents you from reaching the minimum height. We don’t think you would’ve worried about it after knowing that part can be removed too. It also comes with a balance hook, in case any heavy wind makes the tripod fall on the ground.

Wait a minute! Are you thinking about locking and stability? Let the flip level lock and non-slip rubber feet handle that part. Just spend a few minutes on them, and the setup will be done before you know it.

If you’re not new to tripods, then you already know adjusting the angle can be a pain in the neck. But its three-angle leg pivot locks have made it a piece of cake.


  • Easy to adjust the height
  • The center column is removable
  • Ensures total stability
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Comes with a balance hook


  • Extended legs can get wobbled

2. Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod Adjustable Tripod

How many times have you missed a shot just because your target saw you moving? Well, we say you can stop that from happening from right this moment if you take the next shot with the Deadshot ChairPod from Caldwell.

Obviously, staying in the same position in the wild for too long can’t save you from fatigue. But with this one, you can get comfort and ease of shooting at the same time. This ChairPod is clearly made to do that as its attached chair can swivel 360° with total rear support, of course.

And don’t worry about its weight carrying capacity as its sturdy and durable structure is strong enough to hold 300lbs at once. But what about the accuracy? Well, the dual-frame won’t let you miss any target unless you’re bad at shooting.

Carrying this bad boy is easy as pie. Thanks to its collapsible design and, of course, the shoulder strap. Plus, to help you out with using rifles of any size, you can easily adjust the gun rest size, which you can move in any direction as well.  

On top of that, no matter what your height is, you can adjust its swing arm assembly to a height of 40″. So, your height won’t come in your way while taking an accurate shot.


  • Has a sturdy and durable construction
  • Can hold up to 300lbs
  • Capable of 360° swivel
  • Collapsible and portable
  • Easy to adjust the height


  • Assembling takes a little time

3. BOG-Pod CLD Camo Shooting Rest with Lightweight Design

Are you feeling like you’re too tall for tripods? Well, maybe that’s because you’ve forgotten to ask BOG-Pod CLD-3 Tripod from BOG to help you out there.

By the way, what is your preferred shooting position – seated, kneeled, or standing? None of those positions will be a problem for CLD-3 as you can adjust it from 22″ to 68″.

Besides, without giving a chance to be confused about the height, the makers have added Inch markers on the legs so that you can reach the right height accurately. And weight? It’s 40oz only! Looks like taking it to the higher ground won’t be a problem.

We know you’re not looking for any tripod that will make you struggle with the angle. Thanks to the adjustable tension of its legs, they can easily get you an angle up to 40°.

But that angle will be nothing but useless if you can’t chase your target promptly through the viewfinder. So, to ease that up, the makers have made its shooting rest swivel 360°.

Now let’s come to the most interesting part of this tripod – the foot spikes. Won’t you feel awful if you miss your target just because the tripod lost balance for a while? So, to save you from that hassle, the makers have given it the foot spikes with a screw-out design that will take stability to a whole other level.  


  • Adjustable height between 22″ to 68″
  • Weighs 40oz only
  • Legs can be adjusted to 40° angle
  • Foot spikes for better stability
  • Allows shooting in different positions


  • Can get a bit noisy

4. Hammers Telescopic Shooting Tripod w/Pivot V Yoke Max.

Do you know what increases the chance of you missing a target while taking a long-distance shot? Yup, you’re right, it’s the unstable hands. But what will happen if you’ve got something like the SP3 Telescopic Shooting Tripod from Hammers at that moment? Well, a perfect shot!

The credit for that mostly goes to its aluminum alloy legs that come with three telescopic sections where twist locks stabilize it like a rock. On top of that, aluminum alloy tubing has turned the whole construction so lightweight that you can carry this 38oz. tripod almost anywhere.

But to hit the target, you need a proper place to put your gun, too, right? Thankfully, V yoke on the top has played that role perfectly. 

And if you’re scared of being seen in the wild while standing with the gun, you can go to a kneeling or sitting position any time you want. Its height adjustability from 25″ to 68″ will back you up there.

Besides all these, the makers ensured you’re not going to face any problem in having a grip on it. That’s why on its legs, they’ve added EVA foam grips.

Its carbide tip on each leg has given it the advantage of having a better grip on hard surfaces. So, there’s no chance of it slipping off while you’re setting up the gun. By the way, these tips are wear-resistant too.


  • Have legs with wear resistant tips
  • Can push the height up to 68″
  • EVA foam grips ensure extra comfort
  • Perfect for almost all shooting positions
  • Lightweight enough to carry anywhere


  • Some don’t like the twist lock

5. Jim Shockey Tall Tripod PRIMOS HUNTING Trigger

If you’re a hunter by heart, then you already know your top priority – a clean, good, and ethical shot. Guess what? That’s what Trigger Stick Gen 3 from Primos is made to ensure.

Usually, we start with the functions or adjustability when it comes to a tripod. But we’re going to make an exception for this one just because of its awesome design. With a beautifully contoured grip, it has literally taken the visual appeal higher.

But the makers haven’t forgotten that the look won’t matter to a true hunter as they’re more into the performance. 

That’s why, to fit into that criterion team, Primos have poured half of the excellence in the grip alone that starts with the Trigger Stick. So, when you’re in need of instant height adjustment, you’ll have to just press it once.

And, of course, they’ve taken care of the stability perfectly with the Locking Leg Angles. Now no matter what kind of surface you want to shoot from, nothing will be pulling you back. And what to say about its smooth panning action? With it, finding the target will be nothing but a piece of cake.

The next thing that amazed us is the Integrated Lock. It helps you to jump from yoke to optics just in a few seconds. One more thing! This Primos creation is good with shooting positions too. Seated, kneeled, or standing – it can get you the accurate angle in every way.


  • Comes with a beautiful design
  • Offers smooth panning action
  • Easy to adjust the height quickly
  • Can go from yoke to optics instantly
  • Helps with multiple shooting positions


  • Not so short in retracted mode

6. Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod

This is the current price of this Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

Are you ready to meet the final one on our list? Well, it’s a name you’ve already heard before. Yes, the next one you’re about to see is the Havoc Series Tripod from BOG.

When your favorite shooting position is kneeling or sitting, then be ready to count this one among the ideal tripods for you. With a height adjustment ability to go from 20″ to 40″, you can easily take a precise shot whenever you decide to pull the trigger.

But height adjustment is not enough to push the precision to its fullest. You need some other features as well, like the 360° motion, and the makers of this tripod didn’t miss putting it on the list. On top of that, for easing up the portability, they’ve managed to hold the weight within 1.64 lbs.

And yes, like always, the durability of the construction was one of the top priorities of team BOG. So, rather than going for any cheap materials, they’ve chosen heavy-duty aluminum this time.

Plus, the foam grip is of incredibly high density, which will allow you to have a solid hold all the time. But what we’ve loved more about this amazing tripod is its patented USR that turned it into a reliable one. After all, that’s what pulls off the ultimate stock stability.


  • Comes with a 360° rotatable head
  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum
  • Weighs only 1.64 lbs.
  • Patented USR ensures stock stability
  • Foam grip helps with the solid hold


  • Doesn’t allow shooting in a standing position

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What to Look for Before Buying a Lightweight Hunting Tripod?

Maybe you’ve so far taken all the shots by holding the gun with your hands only. If so, then we bet you already know how wobbling can lead to a bunch of wasted bullets. But as you’ve now decided to pick the best lightweight hunting tripod, you can be sure that things will change from now on.

Now, how will you decide which one you should actually pick? Well, like all the other purchases, you need to focus on the key features that make the tripod ideal for you. In case you don’t know, let us lead you to them.


Before you jump into any online or offline shop, you need to be very clear about your purpose of getting a tripod. If you’re thinking of using it only for hunting, then focus only on a type of tripod that is made serving this purpose alone.

But if you need to use optics as well at times, then picking one a bit more versatile will be a better choice. Depending on the type, the price might vary as well.


How long your tripod is going to back you up depends on two things – what it is made of and how you are maintaining it. So, when you’re choosing the tripod, make sure the material is durable enough. If you ask for a particular material, we’d say aluminum is a better choice.


No, we’re not uttering any specific numbers. But you need to get one that you can carry wherever you want. If you’re more into hunting in the hilly areas, the lighter it will be, the better it’ll be for you.

Height Adjustability

Depending on the situation, you might have to switch from one position to another anytime. But for that, having efficient height adjustability is highly essential. You can choose it on the basis of your height or your preferred shooting position.

Carrying Capacity

No matter whatever they’re made of, they have to be capable enough to hold whatever you’re planning to put on it. It can be anything like a rifle, binocular, or camera. But when it’s too weak to hold the weight, there’s a chance that it might fall off with your things and get them damaged.


An unwanted movement for a second is sometimes more than enough to make you miss a shot. We bet you don’t want to be in that situation because of your next tripod. So, make sure your one is good with stability. For that, you need to have a check on the feet as they’re what will maintain the total contact with the ground.


Stronger locks have to be on your list of considerations as they’re what can keep the legs stable at a certain height. But they have to be convenient as well. That’s because every time you’ll adjust the legs, you’ll have to relock them, and having complicated locks can be really irritating at that time.

FAQs on Best Lightweight Hunting Tripods

  • What’s the drawback of tripods with higher heights?

Indeed, being able to reach higher is an advantage for a tripod. But the problem with such one is that the legs might get wobbled at times when you want to move the tripod without adjusting the height.

  • Do you need to get a separate tripod for heavy cameras?

Not if the current one is camera compatible and its weight carrying limit covers the weight of your camera. We say you better get a tripod with a higher weight carrying capacity if there’s a possibility of using heavier cameras later.

  • Do all hunting tripods support cameras?

Not all of them, but yes, you can have one with this feature if you want. Some of the tripods on our list have camera compatibility. You can try one of them.

  • Which materials make a tripod the lightest?

What we’ve seen so far, the manufacturers who focus mostly on making lighter tripods count using aluminum as the perfect material. That’s not only because the material makes it lighter, but sturdier as well, which is indeed an essential advantage.

  • What a balance hook does in a tripod?

When there’s heavy wind, there’s a chance that it might drop the tripod on the ground. But when a tripod comes with a balance hook, you can put some extra weight there for better stability.

Final Words

The prime purpose of this article was nothing but to get you the best lightweight hunting tripod, which we believe you’ve got a lot closer to as well. But we can understand that even 6 options are enough to push you towards a dilemma about which one to get.

If you’re okay with it, then we can help you with some suggestions. When you prioritize precise height adjustment more than anything else, then BOG-Pod CLD-3 Tripod will be an ideal choice

But if you prefer taking shots by staying closer to the ground, then we think you better go with the Vortex Optics HC-2. 

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