The Best Deer Mineral Attractant | Top 6 Picks in 2024

Getting bucks to come to you is one of the best tactics you can abide by. But just any other attractant shouldn’t work; I mean, you get what you pay for, right? That’s why you need the best deer mineral attractant to come out with a sublime hunt!

Luring prey into specific spots has gotten very easy with these attractants. Most of them come with different taste and scent enhancers along with other minerals and vitamins.

You can even aim for a longer range of scent trail with some of them. We’ve prepared this list to help make your search for the top deer mineral attractant a whole lot easier. 

So, let’s dive into the aromatic world of these attractants to help you find the top pick.

The List of the Best Deer Mineral Attractant Reviews

Now that you have a clearer view about what these attractants can give you, let’s take a look at the top choices in the market according to us.

1. Whitetail Institute 30-06 Mineral Deer Attractant

Let’s start with one of the bestsellers on the planet right now. And, why wouldn’t it be? They’re from Whitetail Institute, a company that prioritizes enhancing your hunting experience. So, let’s check out what they’ve got.

Among the countless top-quality options that they offer, the Plus Protein is one of their best. But you can also check out the Original, Thrive, and the Mineral Block too. 

If you’re on the hunt for a professionally formulated mineral attractant for deer, then you can definitely check this one out. This Plus Protein version is specifically made for you if you’re out hunting during the summer and spring. 

It’s quite concerning how some cheaper non-brand attractants include little to no vitamins and minerals in their products. Well, you won’t have to worry about that with any Whitetail Institute products. 

That’s because all the specific minerals and necessary vitamins have been incorporated into this in the exact and proper amounts. This also holds enough minerals for antler growth, lactation, and pregnancy.

All the essential trace and macro minerals along with Vitamins A, E, and D are used in this attractant in the proper amounts. So, you can expect a healthy herd by using this.

The best part is that the scent is long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about reusing it anytime soon. This one contains enough flavor and scent attractants to get any buck to run towards you.


  • It comes packed with necessary Vitamins and Minerals
  • Specially made for hunting in Spring and Summer
  • Great for antler growth and lactation
  • It has a pretty long-lasting effect


  • A bit on the pricier side

2. Evolved Habitats Black Magic Liquid Deer Attractant

Whoa, come on now, don’t frighten away from this one because of the naming. It’s definitely a gimmick some will fall for, though. But you can’t really expect any better Deer Cane from somewhere else. So, this is definitely a top pick.

Evolved Habitats has built quite a reputation when it comes to the flavor enhancer and attractant markets. They make some serious products that do great work and make it easy for both hunters and those who’re close to deer locations.

When it comes to mineral attractants, this one from Evolved Habitats comes with a Premium Formulation so you can get some pretty good Deer Cane. And there are tons of more minerals and flavor enhancers incorporated into this liquid too.

Don’t get deceived by the color of this; you can expect this one to work fabulously to attract bucks. There are a ton of cheaper options in the market, but you just can’t expect them to work like this one.

This Deer Cane comes packed with a lot more flavor attractants and minerals. So, you shouldn’t even dare to compare this with the non-branded ones.

If you’re concerned about the contents of the entire pack, you shouldn’t worry at all, as the whole pack is enriched with phosphorous, calcium, and sodium. Don’t worry, as they’re all used in the proper amounts to make this product a successful deer attractant.

Other ingredients inside include molasses products, dextrose, and different artificial and natural flavors.


  • Packed with required flavor attractants and minerals
  • Contains molasses products for attracting buck
  • Made with the perfect formulation of Deer Cane
  • Incorporates Calcium, Sodium, and Phosphorous


  • It takes a bit of time to work

3. Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Mix Mineral

Well, we told you how good products from Evolved Habitats were, didn’t we? Here’s another one of their top products that you might consider to bring bucks to a particular spot.

The company made its way to the top by making some fantabulous products like these, and you can actually witness it when you’re using this Deer Cane. Although it’s not as good as the first one on our list, it’s right up there with the best.

A lot more science actually goes into the packages of these products. And the best part is probably that it comes in a three-pack, which means you get enough attractant for months. 

Now, let’s talk about the science that goes into this. The attractant actually leaves mineral vapor trails. With the help of the trails, you can attract deer from far away. Deer will come running towards the source of the trails too.

That’s not all, you can also expect to see significant antler growth through its consumption. It’s also sublime for the overall growth and health of bucks.

A lot of deer actually actively search for minerals for their rack development and overall health. So, the addition of the attractant vapor trails is sure to bring the deer close to you.

They’ll certainly give the minerals a lick or a paw mark at first. And, don’t worry, most of them would consume the Deer Cane too.

If you have a shortage of time and want immediate results, you can just add it with 6-8 gallons of water and apply the whole mixture to any bare spot. You can see deer flocking around that spot in no time!


  • Long-lasting scent
  • Attracts deer by using a vapor trail
  • Great for horn development 
  • Perfect for the overall health of bucks


  • A bit on the expensive side

4. TROPHY ROCK Redmond All-Natural Mineral

Salt licks are the traditional and good old alternatives to attracting buck towards you. And just like the good old days, they work quite fine. Mineral blocks are still going strong because they’re effective. And, you can expect the best from this mineral block from Trophy Rock.

This all-natural mineral salt-lick is one of a kind, and you can get this in either the 7lbs or 12lbs version. And the best part about this one is the mixture will make deer come back to the same spot.

You can actually watch them eventually grow and be happy to know that you have a little hand in it. There isn’t any use of any sort of sketchy chemical for this one. It’s completely natural, so you won’t be harming the bucks in any way.

This product is packed with minerals that deer need for healthy growth. Most wild deer can’t reach their growth potentials because of the lack of minerals and vitamins. But this salt lick might just be the key to making deer come back again and again.

If you’re on the hunt for a long-lasting mineral that would work perfectly with different species of deer, then this mineral block isn’t a joke. So, you can actually expect to get a lot more bang for your “buck”. 

You can use them just by placing them on a stump and use them as an attractant. This practically keeps deer in place while you’re hunting too. 


  • Attracts deer from far away
  • It has a long-lasting effect
  • Very simple to use as an attractant
  • It comes in multiple sizes


  • It might break into pieces easily while carrying

5. Big & J Long Range Attractants Headrush Mineral

The Headrush from Big & J has people on their toes because of how good it turned out to be, considering the price. With a long-lasting effect and an even longer-lasting time, let’s find out what’s so good about this.

Let’s start off with the best part, the bioavailable trace minerals that are infused into this attractant. Some of the major trace minerals include copper, zinc, manganese, and cobalt.

By the term bioavailable, they mean that it’s pretty natural, and the nutrients are absorbed by bucks and excreted in a natural process. Even the calcium incorporated in these aids in the growth of antlers.

Headrush was developed with the fabulous aroma kept in mind. This scent is enough to mess with the bucks’ minds, which is pretty amazing if you think about it.

It’s completely salt-based, and the formula can attract deer from a mile away. Unfortified salt is adored by bucks of different species, so this one wouldn’t be any exception.

You can expect deer to run along from a mile away for a tiny lick because that’s how good this is. It’s the aroma of the ingredients that come together and provide a strong scent.

This scent is enough to play with their senses, and you can definitely expect them to stay and kick the attractant for a long while. If you’re on a hunt in the mountains, this could be a great option.


  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Incorporated with bioavailable ingredients for better absorption
  • Aids in the bone and antler growth
  • Draws in bucks from distance


  • Some species might ignore the scent

6. TROPHY ROCK Redmond FOUR65 30lb Bag

Let’s end this list with another banger from Trophy Rock. They’re great with their mineral blocks and salt licks, but they are just as good with the granular options too.

The name FOUR65 signifies the incorporation of 65 natural minerals into the granules of this product. This is an awesome choice for providing natural electrolytes for the deer body. Don’t forget about the trace minerals too.

Trophy Rock has a way to attract customers as their products have a way to attract deer. This product is the crushed version of the mineral blocks or salt licks, and this works wonders for people who prefer this type of attractant for deer.

You can either use this product to assist deer in developing physically or going on a hunt. That’s because the aroma or the scent that this product generates is pretty magnificent if you smell it for the first time.

And, the smell is just as crazy when it comes to deer noses too. It’s just Trophy Rock’s style of attracting buck towards a certain spot.

If you want deer to come and return to the spot of the mineral attractant, then this is a great choice. That’s because Trophy Rock has a proven history of working with all-natural minerals.

You can actually give it to the buck or place it as bait whenever you get the time to go hunting. It does do wonders on most species of deer. 


  • Packed with 65 minerals, all-natural
  • Easy to use granular version
  • Great for the growth of bucks
  • Works as a very useful attractant in the woods


  • It might not work with all elks and bucks

What to Look for Before You Buy Best Deer Mineral Attractant

Now that you know about the different top choices of deer attractants, you shouldn’t just go in and buy one. Before that, you need to consider a few factors. Here they are!

Hunting Season

Some attractants only work during specific seasons while others while around the year. So, you have to check the listings and see if they are good for your hunting season or not. 

You don’t want a summer attractant when your hunting season begins in the fall, do you?


Regulations are extremely important. Some attractants are pretty much illegal in different states. So, check your state laws carefully and see if you aren’t purchasing something illegal.

Deer Species

It’s important to check if the attractant that you’re buying is good for the species of deer in your hunting area. If you buy an attractant and find out that the deer in your area don’t even come close, you’re just throwing money away. 

Attractant Type

The right type of attractant is necessary at all times. Attractants come in different forms and types. All the attractants on our list are mineral-based, while you can get them in different forms. 

So, let’s take a look at the different types of buck attractants. 

  • Blocks

Blocks like the one from trophy rock are the traditional instrument of attracting deer. They’re often made with completely natural ingredients, and you can use them anywhere. 

  • Granules

Granules are easier to use if you’re a fan of sprinkling them over a wider space. But you do have to work them into the soil and make sure to choose a path where the deer usually lurk around.

  • Liquids

Liquids like the Deer Cane are also pretty simple to use. All you need to do is pour the liquid onto the soil and massage it. You can also use liquids by combining them with granules.

  • Others

Other types include gels, powders, supplements, food additives, juiced attractants, and different mineral site activators. All of them work similarly, and you can check the instructions out on the packs. 

FAQs on Best Deer Mineral Attractant

  • Can deer sense vanilla extracts?

Yes, some bucks can actually sense the vanilla extract smells. You can even use a spray of the same aroma as a cover scent. They’re quite useful if you spray them onto your hunting boots.

  • Which colors attract deer?

Well, deer can’t actually see all the different colors as you can. But they do appear to be more responsive to the bluer tones. On the other hand, they see red as the worst. They see different colors, but they can’t identify the different shades of the same color.

  • Do deer attractants work?

Yes, deer attractants do work. But it would be best if you use the trusty brands that have higher reputations. You’ll need to mix some with water while others would work solely. Just read the instructions and see them running towards these mineral attractants.

  • How do mineral attractants for deer work?

Attractants aren’t only used to lure in deer, they’re usually packed with minerals and vitamins too. So, you can probably guess that attractants are pretty useful when it comes to the health of bucks. They can be used alongside trail cams to take pictures of the bucks too. Even the close-up shots!

  • How can I use deer attractants?

It’s pretty simple, actually. But you need to trace the usual routes for deer first. You can’t just place the attractant in the middle of the jungle and pray and hope that a buck shows up.

Place the mineral attractants where deer usually wander around, and you should be good to go.

Final Words

Finding the best deer mineral attractant can be pretty hard if you actually don’t know what to look for. That’s where we come in! Whether you want highly formulated mixtures or special liquids to attract buck, you can pick any of these six choices. You can’t go wrong with any of them. 

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