Top 10 Best Lightweight Travel Tripod Reviews in 2023

Tripods, the ever-so-essential tool to photography and videography, is cursed with a cruel joke of nature. The dilemma is simple, the bigger and heavier the tripod, the more stability it provides. However, it is nearly impossible to take a heavy tripod out on tours, so you need to find a proper balance. 

We’re here to help you out in finding that balance. The challenge is simple- we will provide you with a list of the top lightweight tripods that will provide you with stability and support as well. All you have to do is pick the best lightweight travel tripod from the exclusive list. Simple, no?

The List of the Best Lightweight Travel Tripod Reviews

Travel tripods are super easy to carry because they’re compact and easily foldable. Here’s a list of the ten top-quality lightweight tripods that will ensure you have a brilliant experience with photography while traveling!

1. Lightweight Travel Tripod with Bag

This is the current price of this Lightweight Travel Tripod with Bag available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

We start off the list with a budget-friendly tripod that is widely known as one of the best options for beginners. If you’re an aspiring photographer trying to learn the basics, it can be an excellent choice for you.

Coming with a minimal weight of 3 pounds and the ability to support a load of 6.6 pounds, this is surely a brilliant option for newbies!

The legs of this tripod can easily extend from 20″ to 48″. Moreover, it can extend up to a staggering 60″ if the center column is fully extended.

A couple of built-in bubble view levels and a tiltable 3-way head ensures optimal help in photography- be it portrait or landscape! The 360-degree swiveling feature will come in handy if you want to videotape something.

Perhaps one of the most effective features of this tripod is how easy it is to set up. Unlike many others, their leg locks release very smoothly and can glide to your desired height with ease. If you prefer to have one of the best camera-leveling experiences, say no more. Go for it, you won’t regret surely!

Another essential feature of this device is the quick-release mounting process. For beginners, this is mandatory because if the photographer cannot have fast transitions in between shots, he will have a hard time with the new tripod. Rest assured though, this tripod is as beginner-friendly as it can get!


  • Inexpensive and decent tripod specialized for beginners
  • Solid and sturdy legs with an excellent finish
  • Quick-release mounting to ensure fast transitions
  • Leg-sections pull out with ease 
  • Rubberized feet to ensure steadiness 
  • Comes with a handy bag


  • Simple tripod device, often not enough for professionals
  • There have been concerns about stability

2. DSLR Lightweight Tripod for Travel

This is the current price of this DSLR Lightweight Tripod for Travel available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

Enough with beginner-level tripods, time to get to the real world, time to explore a fully professional, top-notch tripod. What we have here is made from lightweight and high-quality aluminum and weighs just around 3.5 lbs. It can be folded into a very compact 18.5-inch size to fit into travel bags.

This very tripod has the ability to take a load weight of 15 kgs maximum. What’s more interesting is that it can be converted into a monopod to provide an alternative shot.

But that’s not it, with a bit of quick wit, you can turn it into an alpenstock as well while hiking. The free adjustment of the leg angle just adds icing to the cake.

Stability is a major concern in lightweight devices like these, and the metal ball head on this tripod is made to ensure stability with its 360-degree swivel abilities which will give you free angles to shoot and capture moving objects. The stability hook here can increase the steadiness even more by taking additional weight.

It is also a crucial tool for macro photography- just use the upside-down column and take that close shot!

The central column has some crucial features as you can elongate it with the knob and with the extended tripod, capturing objects from a smaller angle gets much easier. Last but not the least, this tripod is highly compatible with most camera devices out there!


  • Universal ¼” screws to fit in most kind of cameras
  • Solid metal ball head with a 360-degree swiveling system
  • Comes with a stability hook to endure more weight
  • Made from solid and sturdy high-quality aluminum
  • Can be easily used for macro photography


  • The legs don’t extend to the same angles sometimes

3. Video Camera Lightweight Travel Tripod

This is the current price of this Video Camera Lightweight Tripod available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, simple but easygoing tripod for shooting videos and clicking photos, this can be a very interesting option for you. This one from Endurax can be only 18″ when collapsed and up to 67″ when fully extended. It is compact enough to fit in most of the camera bags. 

This tripod has a 5-section leg design alongside a flip-lock knob that will come in handy while operating the device. It comes with a ¼” quick release plate that is compatible with most kinds of DSLR camera devices. The sleek 3-way Panhead alongside the built-in bubble system makes it even more appealing.

Like most other quality tripods, this one also comes with a 360-degree rotating feature for swivel and tilting motions.

It has a great phone holder as well, so even if you don’t own a DSLR camera, you can still use it with your smartphone. The construction of this tripod is from thick aluminum tubes, so durability and stability are never in doubt here.

Even though it is made from heavy-duty aluminum particles, it still is quite lightweight and has non-slip rubber feet for extended stability. The tripod weighs around 3.3 lbs. and can take a max load of 11 lbs. It has a plastic pan head and easy-to-use flip-lock knobs for comfortable usage.


  • Easy setup and usability
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Sturdy and solid construction
  • ¼” quick release plate
  • Tripod compatible with most DSLR cameras and smartphones


  • The tilt bar is often found problematic

4. Lightweight Tripod Aluminum Travel DSLR Camera Stand with Carry Bag

This is the current price of this Lightweight Tripod Aluminum Travel DSLR Camera Stand with Carry Bag available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

Versatility is its middle name. Efficiency is its game. Yes, we’re talking about the famous tripod from Kingjue, and we are not overstating, even a bit.

This tripod actually offers versatility as it supports most kinds of cameras including smartphones. Moreover, the 3-way pan head of this one is stable, smooth, and freely adjustable.

If you want a proper 360-degree panoramic shot, then you can seriously consider it. The device is made from premium aluminum tubes, so rough and rugged use wouldn’t leave much impact on it. The sturdy build also ensures that it will provide secure and stable support, no matter how rough the outdoor is. 

This tripod, when collapsed is 16.7” and can be able to carry loads of 5kg max. Its mounting process is unique, as a 2-in-1 mounting is available here.

The mount is assisted with soft protective rubber that will ensure proper security and durability. Interestingly enough, it also comes with a Bluetooth-remote to control the tripod using smartphones.

The device also has anti-slip foot pads for a firm grip while the aluminum alloy feet can help you to adjust the heights swiftly. The flip-lock knob makes sure the whole process is done with ease and without a drop of sweat. Last but not the least, it comes with a quality zipper carry bag.


  • 1/4″ quick release plates for swift videography
  • Sturdy and efficient 2-in-1 mounting system
  • Anti-slip foot pads for enhanced stability
  • Premium aluminum tube used for durability
  • Protective rubbers in the mount to protect the camera device


  • Release plate doesn’t tighten enough sometimes

5. Lightweight and Compact Aluminum Camera Tripod

This is the current price of this Lightweight and Compact Aluminum Camera Tripod available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

By lightweight, what do we exactly mean when it comes to tripods? In general, if the tripod is around 3-5 lbs., we can call it a lightweight one, but what if we can show you one that is even less than 3 lbs.? Yes, surprisingly enough, this tripod from K&F weighs only 2.99 lbs. and can be only 18.1” in height when folded!

This here is a highly practical tripod. No, it doesn’t provide you with the maximum height, but do you really need a tripod taller than 62” all the time? If you’re just an occasional photographer, then this is a portable and efficient fit for you. Moreover, this very tripod can provide you one of the most stable experiences of all time.

It comes with a quick flip-leg lock that is efficient and powerful at the same time. Most importantly, you can unlock using only one hand and close the buttons using the same hand. This easygoing feature is rare to find and will certainly save a lot of time for you.

The ball head is around 28 mm large, and the size is crucial to make sure the cloud platform is stable enough. Its brand new non-oil damping design will make sure the camera rotates smoothly and with ease.

The cloud platform has a 360-degree scale at the bottom, so panoramic shots and wide-angle shots are quite easy with this. 


  • One of the most lightweight tripods available
  • Compact device made from quality materials
  • Ball head can rotate 360 degrees
  • Quick-flip leg lock to ensure easy opening
  • Comes with quality and heavy-duty tripod bag


  • The legs aren’t as durable as expected

6. Aluminum Tripod Travel Monopod Full Size for DSLR

This is the current price of this Aluminum Tripod Travel Monopod Full Size for DSLR available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

Different height levels are something not a lot of tripods can offer. This is essential for a professional photographer to get the right angle, and this tripod from Joilcan comes with 4 different levels, starting from 21″-75″. The device weighs around 3.97lbs and can support weights up to 9 lbs. 

Its construction is of thick aluminum, so the legs are stable and can be an asset on uneven surfaces. This here is a very versatile device that can mount a wide range of cameras and smartphones. The two quick-release plates make sure setting it up is a fast and easy task for anyone.

Coming with a 3-way pan head, this device can be rotated a full 360-degree and also be tilted 90-degree forward and backward. This makes the tripod a peak choice for shooting landscape and portrait photos. It also makes the device an eligible option for live streaming, selfies, or Facetime.

You can even use this tripod as a monopod by a simple method. All you have to do is remove the center column and extend it to turn the tripod into a makeshift monopod or a selfie stick. Not to mention, it can extend up to 65″. Overall, this here is a compact and fitting tripod perfect for long travels. 


  • Detachable ball head ensures versatile use
  • Can be turned into monopods or selfie sticks
  • Two quick release plates ensure fast setup and use
  • Has 4 different height levels
  • Recommended for long travels


  • Tripod heads adjustment might be troublesome at times

7. Lightweight Travel Aluminum Professional Tripod Stand

This is the current price of this Lightweight Travel Aluminum Professional Tripod Stand available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

Gone are the days when an SLR camera was the only possible option to capture a moment- nowadays there are powerful smartphones that can take excellent photos. With that in mind, here comes a tripod that doesn’t just think about professional cameras- one that cared about smartphones as well!

This tripod from Torjim comes with a maximum height of 60 inches. It has a 4-section column leg alongside a flip-lock knob with quick-release features. Using the knob you can fold the tripod to a minimum of 17.6 inches and can be easily carried around if you wish. The 360-degree rotation is available here. 

It has a built-in bubble level which can be helpful in realizing the tilt movement and tripod translation. The usual ¼” quick release plate is available as well, so installing the whole tripod won’t really take any significant time. Most importantly, this versatile model supports most DSLR and smartphone cameras. 

The unit has stable rubber feet to ensure uninterrupted photography even in the roughest of terrains. This stabilizing structure here can withstand around 11 lbs., so that’s something to keep in mind.

Moreover, they provide an extra phone holder alongside Bluetooth control, so vlogs or live streaming will get much easier with this tripod.


  • Comes with a well-protected zipper carry bag
  • Stable rubber feet for rough surfaces
  • ¼” quick release plate included
  • Flip-lock knob for the 4-section column legs
  • Extra phone holder for live streaming, vlogging, etc.


  • Pan direction shaft isn’t tight enough

8. Portable Lightweight Aluminum Travel Tripod with Carry Bag

This is the current price of this Portable Lightweight Aluminum Travel Tripod with Carry Bag available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

If you’re looking for a simple, convenient, and long-lasting tripod that you can be friends with- you should seriously consider this one. It is not one of those fancy tripods with unnecessary features, it is what a good tripod is supposed to be- lightweight, portable, and super easy to use.

Weighing around only 1.5kg, this tripod can take loads of at least 5 kgs and has a maximum height of around 60 inches. It has the universal ¼” screw, so versatility is never in question. Moreover, it has a carry bag attached to it, so moving it around won’t be even a little trouble.  

This one has a bonus phone clip and a Bluetooth remote that has a 10m coverage. With the TR60, you can easily do vlogging, selfies, live streaming, and many more. Like most other quality tripods, it also has a 360-degree rotation and quick release plates. The angles are freely adjustable with this one.

Adding rubber feet are something commendable done by the manufacturers here, as they are eco-friendly. The construction of this divide is done with aluminum alloy, so durability is ensured here. Safety and stability are the first priority with this tripod, and it’s safe to say they’ve excelled in it. 


  • Very lightweight tripod- weighs only 1.5 kg
  • Bonus phone clip and Bluetooth remote added
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • 360-degree rotation and swivel
  • Eco-friendly rubber feet


  • The swivel head is slightly problematic

9. Heavy Duty Lightweight Travel Tripod

This is the current price of this Heavy Duty Lightweight Travel Tripod available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

The key to a versatile tripod is the ball head- if it can be counterbalanced or if it has an integrated flat base- that would make the head versatile and easygoing with most devices. This tripod comes with a unique fluid ball head that offers all that, and even more with full 360-degree panning and 90/-70 degrees tilt.

Coming with the standard quick-release plates, this device doesn’t disappoint us with the universal ¼” screw, and surprises us with a ⅜” screw stored under the plate. The whole process makes sure that efficiency is not a problem with this one. A wide sliding range makes sure that traveling with it is never an issue.

The column legs feature locking rubber buckles and rubber feet- all of them non-slip to provide stability. Made from premium aluminum, these 3-section column legs are quite sturdy and durable, to say the least. With this, you get a 2-stage fluid head that comes with a 70mm bowl, entirely built-in.

A mid-level spreader is also provided as an extra stability option. The spreader can hold the legs in a locked position. This tripod has a load capacity of a staggering 33 lbs. and has a height range of 33” to 72”. They will provide you with a carry bag as well. Overall, if you need a tripod for heavy-duty actions, this should be your pick.


  • 2-stage fluid head for efficiency
  • Extra ⅜” screw stored under release plates
  • Mid-level spreader for stability
  • Load capacity of 33 lbs.
  • Specialized for heavy-duty actions


  • The pan is often a bit problematic

10. Peak Design Travel Tripod

This is the current price of this Peak Design Travel Tripod available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

Let’s be honest with you, this is not your average inexpensive tripod that would do the basics and that’s it. This here is one of the most premium travel tripods, made with care and the best materials, so you’ll have to spend a bit more on this. But that’s the price you need to pay if you want to avail a top-quality product.

The main reason behind its price is carbon fiber. They’re expensive and very, very effective and long-lasting, so the demand for them is just.

However, if you want the aluminum version of this same device- you can get it at a much cheaper rate. But that might not provide the same vibration resistance as the carbon fiber could provide.

It comes with a special ball head that is deemed ultra-low-profile and can be very efficient in all sorts of shooting. Packing down to 39 cm only, this can be one of the smallest tripods when folded. But don’t be fooled by that, the maximum height can go as long as 152 cm, so it’s not short in any means.

Something very interesting about this one is that there is no ‘dead volume’ between the column and the legs- so it will be even slimmer when folded. There’s a phone holder included, and it can be found hidden in the center column. Last but not least, the build of this tripod is sturdy, rigid, and highly durable.


  • Super-fast setup
  • Very, very lightweight yet sturdy
  • Has a hidden smartphone holder
  • Unique and efficient low-profile ball head
  • Strong and solid build and highly portable


  • Doesn’t have a panning feature
  • A bit too expensive compared to others

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What to Look for Before Buying Best Lightweight Travel Tripod Reviews

Now that you know the feasible options for you, time to dive deep into the specifics of a good travel tripod. Time for you to know the mandatory features of a quality lightweight product.


Two things are to be noted here. Height doesn’t necessarily mean the maximum height a tripod can achieve; it can also mean the minimum height.

Some tripods can get as low as three inches from the surface. And others are able to extend till 6/7 feet. Know that, the more versatile the height, the more angles you get to cover.


It’s a no-brainer, really. We are reviewing lightweight travel tripods, so being lightweight is the main priority here. But how light? In general, any tripod that is not heavier than 5 lbs. can be deemed as lightweight.

Of course, there are carbon fiber-based tripods that are even lighter than 3 lbs., but in general, if the one you choose weighs between 3-5 lbs., you’re good to go.


There are two basic materials in most lightweight travel tripods. One is aluminum, and the other is carbon fiber. Now aluminum is relatively inexpensive and heavier, while carbon is more expensive and lighter. So the choice is entirely up to you and your preference. 

Folding Size

Since the tripod is for traveling, it has to be lightweight, and it has to be small enough while folded to be carried in a carry bag or a camera bag.

But there’s a dilemma here- smaller tripods won’t extend too high and won’t be as sturdy as bigger ones. So, you need to find a proper balance between the size and the expandability.

Leg Locks

There are two kinds of locks that are commonly used by photographers. One is the low-profile twist-lock- easy to use and efficient at the same time. The other is lever lock- takes slightly more time but provides more security. So it all depends on your preference. 

If you need to open and close the legs too often, then twist may be better, but if you want your tripods to be more secure- then lever locks would be of good use.

Sturdiness & Stability

Check the weight capacity of the tripod you’ve caught your eyes on. The sturdiness and stability depend on that, and it is crucial because if the tripod isn’t rugged enough, a simple vibration can ruin your long-exposure photo. So pick one with a decent weight capacity and make sure it can remain sturdy even on rough surfaces.

FAQs on Best Lightweight Travel Tripod

  • Why do I need a travel tripod?

If you’re just a casual photographer with a DSLR trying to figure out how cameras work, then you don’t need one. But if you are an aspiring one and trying out long-range photoshoots or low-light photography, then a tripod would totally change the way you take photos. It will definitely be an excellent learning experience for you.

  • Do tripods work in most of the cameras?

Yes. Most of the tripods are made in such a way that most DSLRs and even semi SLRs can be supported. Some tripods are even compatible with other camera devices like GoPro, smartphone cameras, and many more.

  • Should I change the ball head of my tripod?

As long as the ball head can handle the size of your gear, you don’t really need to change the original ball head. But if the case arises that the ball head is too small compared to your camera, then you can change it. We’d suggest you stick to the original one though, if possible.

  • What features should the best travel tripod have?

It depends on your purpose. If you just want to shoot travel vlogs or short videos, then a compact and portable tripod should do the trick. But if you plan to do long exposure takes while traveling, then we’d suggest you take the big guns and choose a heavier and bigger travel tripod. 

It’s difficult to carry, but you’ve got to go big if you want to take excellent photos, no?

  • What exactly is a monopod?

As the name suggests, the monopod is basically a single leg that you can carry with you, turn into a selfie-stick or vlogging item according to your needs.

In different events like a sports match, having a tripod won’t be as effective, so using a monopod can be of great help to you there. Luckily, some tripods can be folded into monopods if you wish!

Final Words 

As it appears, finding the best lightweight travel tripod wasn’t as difficult as it seemed at first glance, no? All these tripods in our list are well capable enough to satisfy your photography purposes, but you’ll have to understand one crucial part- know your preference first. 

We suggest you choose a tripod that will be highly portable and can extend to a decent height as well- this way you can take long exposure shots and won’t have to carry the burden of weight all the time. Hopefully, this review was helpful to you. Best of luck on your photography journey!

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