5 Best Choke for Slugs [Review & Buying Guide 2023]

There’s no doubt that with a single pallet shot, putting down the target at once won’t be a problem. But that’s only when you’ve taken the shot on a bunch of turkeys.

What if it’s bigger than that on the other end? Well, we guess you’re going to need something more accurate like a slug shot that can bring in greater damage even if the target is at quite a distance. But won’t it be tough for the regular chokes? Maybe for them, but not for the best choke for slugs.

But finding that out is like looking for a crow in the dark. So, will you back off then? Well, you won’t have to, as we’ve brought you the finest five chokes for slugs that you can have your next shot with.

The List of the 5 Best Choke for Slugs

It seems you’ve waited enough to take your next target down. Don’t worry; we’re not planning to make you wait for the top 5 chokes for slugs, at least. Here’s our first one –

1. Carlsons Winchester Rifled Choke

This is the current price of this Carlson Winchester Rifled Choke available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

When you’re pulling the trigger, obviously, you’ll ask for nothing less than total accuracy. But not all the chokes can pull that off for you like the 40040 Rifled Choke from Carlsons does.

For obvious reasons, a choke has to be durable due to the nature of its job. So, to secure that feature, the makers have used 304 stainless steel with the ability to keep up with high stress.

By the way, using this material has literally made it rust and corrosion resistant at the same time. So, you won’t have to change the choke for years at least. The 40040 has been proved compatible with some major hunting shotguns like Browning, Winchester, and Mossberg.

For making the choke perfect for the 12-gauge shotguns, team Carlson’s has added the 1:35 right-hand rifle twist. And the groove diameter? It’s 0.730″. The 40040 also can protrude from 0.625″ to 1.3″.

But everything can fade away if the choke can’t get you the desired accuracy. Thanks to its little-to-no construction for ensuring that part, even from a distance of 40 yards.

Though most of the shooters don’t care about the color, the makers have tried to give it a ‘badass’ vibe with the Matte Black Finish. So, like the performance, you won’t be able to question its look as well.


  • Made of high-stress SS material
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Goes with major shotgun brands
  • Compatible with 12-gauge shotguns
  • High on accuracy


  • The finish might wear out with time

2. Remington Rem Choke Extended Bundle

This is the current price of this Remington Rem Choke Extended Bundle available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

We don’t know how many targets you’ve missed so far with the wrong choke. But the next one on our list is probably capable of compensating for all of them. After all, it’s the Rem Choke Tube from Remington.

How many choke tubes have you seen so far offer varieties in type? Maybe not much, but this extended choke tube does; not one or two but three of them. One of them is the improved cylinder; the other one is a modified cylinder, and the last one is the full choke tube.

If you’re looking for the finest one among them for the slugs, then the improved cylinder is clearly the one. With no or little constriction, it takes out the chance of damaging the barrel every time you take the shot.

That’s not all! With the extra full 0.670″ constriction, this choke tube can easily fit in your Remington 870 shotguns. Plus, the stainless steel construction has left no chance for rust and corrosion to be there. Isn’t it what you’ve asked the most for making it last longer?

Regardless of the weather, you can go out to hunt anytime with it. Don’t worry about the wear and tear; it knows how to handle them. And yes, all these three tubes are not only extendable but also interchangeable. Plus, for putting them in your arsenal, you won’t have to spend any thick bucks as well.


  • Stainless steel construction ensures durability
  • Interchangeable and extendable
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Protected from wear and tear
  • Can resist rust and corrosion


  • Doesn’t come with the best finish

3. Carlson’s Beretta/Benelli Mobil Sporting Clays Choke Tubes

This is the current price of this Carlson’s Beretta/Benelli Mobil Sporting Clays Choke Tubes available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

Team Carlson’s have always given proof of their excellence through their creations. Guess what? They are back again with another one to take in the third slot on our list. This time it’s the Sporting Tubes.

The last one you’ve seen had no variations. So, you had to stick to the only one you’ve got. But things have changed now with six different variations. Now it doesn’t matter if you need a cylinder, improved cylinder, full choke, extra-full choke, improved modified, or light-modified; you can have them all.

As you’re more into shooting slugs, nothing can be better for you here than the cylinder and improved cylinder choke tubes. You might be wondering, don’t they all come in different sizes? Well, they do, but the two we’ve just mentioned offer a little contraction, making them perfect for slug shots.

Each of these different choke tubes comes in different sizes. If you’ve got one of the 12-gauge shotguns like the Beretta/Benelli Mobil, fitting in there for them will be a piece of cake. But what have the makers done to push the durability higher? Well, the heat-treated 17-4 stainless steel got that part covered.

Besides, their non-glaze matte finish won’t be fading away any sooner. But there’s something more that makes these tubes a great choice: their ability to hit the target even at a 40-yards distance.


  • Comes with six different variations
  • Little constriction for slug shots
  • Comes with the non-glaze matte finish
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Has a shooting range of 40-yards


  • Doesn’t suit all models of Benelli

4. 40050 Carlsons Rifled Choke Tubes

This is the current price of this 40050 Carlsons Rifled Choke Tubes available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

If you’ve got something like the Beretta in your collection, then we must say you’ve got a good understanding of firearms. Don’t worry; team Carlson’s has brought the right choke for that, too, and it’s the 40050 Rifled Choke Tubes.

You already know how much they prioritize making their choke tubes durable. Making no exception to that, the makers have ensured that once again in the 40050. This time they’ve gone for high-stress 304 stainless steel. So, if you’re looking for something that’ll serve you for a very long time, then this is it.

On top of that, they’re made to fight rust and corrosion. So, if you’re expecting that the tube’s durability will be affected negatively, then you’re worrying in vain.

Like some of their finest choke tubes, these tubes also protrude .625″ to 1.3″. We can’t give you a certain number on that as the number varies on the basis of your firearm type.

The 1:35 right-hand rifle twist on all the choke tubes made them the perfect pick for your Beretta. Plus, they’re so easy to install and remove that you won’t have to waste much time right there. Like the 40040, they’ve given this one the .730″ groove diameter as well for your ease.

By the way, it seems team Carlson’s is a big fan of the color black. Using the matte black finish once again here was a sign of so, at least. But to be honest, this color surely has given them a different visual appeal for sure. Besides, the level of accuracy it pulls off is not what you’ll see in every regular tube.


  • High-stress material extends the life
  • Capable of resisting rust and corrosion
  • Protrude .625″ to 1.3″
  • Improves the overall accuracy
  • Comes with a beautiful finish


  • The finish won’t last forever

5. Carlsons Remington Choke Tube

This is the current price of this Carlsons Remington Choke Tube available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

It seems team Carlson’s doesn’t want any other brand to dominate the topper’s list. Otherwise, why would’ve they hit our fifth slot with their 40020 Rifled Choke Tubes?

The makers have figured out the right configuration that can make a rifled choke tube ideal for slug shots. So, without underestimating the ability of the 304 stainless steel, they’ve used it once again. After all, this high-stress material is impressively good at pushing the durability higher.

By giving all the tubes the ability to protrude .625″ to 1.3″, team Carlson’s has made them nothing but ideal for your slug shots. If you’re asking for accuracy, then you can bet that’s going to be better with your Remington 12-Ga this time. But what will amaze you with them is the way they make a tight grouping.

When it comes to the groove diameter of rifled choke tubes, they’ve thought of nothing else but .730″. The same goes for the color as well, the old, beautiful matte black finish.

Plus, with the ability to hit a distant target, it’s still not a big deal for them to take down your targets in no time. By the way, don’t even think about trying them in Remington Spartan Models or Remington Pro Bore.


  • Made of durable material
  • Perfect for Remington shotguns
  • Can make a tight grouping
  • Matte black finish gives a nice look
  • Accurate hitting on distant targets


  • Incompatible with Remington Pro Bore

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What to Look for Before Buying Best Choke for Slugs?

Obviously, you’re looking for the best choke for slugs, and you can be sure that it’s not going to drop from the sky. You’ll have to find it out by yourself. But what if you get the wrong one once again? Well, not if you keep certain features in mind that make a choke perfect for your slug shots.

You might be wondering how hard it can be, right? After all, it’s just a metal structure. But if you’ve gone through the review part already, then you probably have noticed that they’re more than that. So, you stop picking chokes blindly and look for the following aspects before purchasing.


There are a lot of variations in choke tubes, and you’ve already heard the name of the improved cylinder choke, cylinder bore, the full choke, and modified choke. For slugs, the ideal ones are the improved cylinder and cylinder chokes. So, it’ll be better if you can pick one of those in the first place.


If you’ve so far taken pallet shots only, then we bet you never had to think about the constriction. But from the moment you’ll think of taking slug shots, you’ll have to put that in your consideration list.

Very constricted chokes are nothing that you can call safe for slug shots. They can damage your shotgun along with getting you injured in the process. So, for your own safety and proper shooting, pick a choke that has no or little constriction. 

Ease of Installation and Removal

You’re not going to keep shooting slugs forever, right? Then make sure that you’re grabbing a choke that you can put on and take off easily. Otherwise, it’ll take a ton of your time and might spoil your hunting mood too.


Unlike the pallets, it’s kind of hard to hit a target with slugs. So, being on the pick of accuracy is not a choice here. Now what you need to do is make sure that the one you’re swiping your card for can take you to that level of accuracy, with your sincere effort, of course.

Shooting Range

While hunting, you can’t always get closer to the target, but still, you’ll have to hit it at once. In such cases, short ranges can literally lower the chance of success. So, know first how much the choke can help with extending the range. 

FAQs on Best Choke for Slugs

  • Is it risky to shoot slugs without any choke?

Well, it’s nothing but a bad idea if you’re planning to take a slug shot without any choke. To be honest, not only for slugs but any other kind of shot can damage your threading if you’ll pull the trigger this way.

  • What kinds of chokes are ideal for shotguns if they’re used for home defense?

When you’re asking for chokes that you can use in your shotgun for home, then improved cylinder, cylinder, or rifled choke tube are more ideal and reliable choices.

  • Which choke is the best for sabot slugs?

For sabot slugs, you can go for the rifled choke tube with closed eyes. After all, they are good at increasing accuracy.

  • Can the wrong choke damage the gun?

Yes, if it’s not compatible with the shot you’re planning to take. So before putting the choke on the gun, make sure it’s suited for that shot.

  • Can a single choke fit in all guns?

No, they only fit the one they’re designed for. But some of the chokes support multiple brands and models.

Final Words

As a hunter, you’ll always look forward to hitting the target every time, and that’s quite obvious too. But with the best choke for slugs,we believe it’s possible to take the precision of your shots to a whole other level.

If you’re still confused about which to get even after seeing the five finest options, maybe our suggestion might help you a bit. When you’re into keeping more guns in your collection but don’t want to waste any extra bucks for the choke, we say Carlson’s 40040 will be a perfect choice. 

But when you’re up for something more interchangeable and extendable, then nothing can stand up against the Remington Rem Choke Tube.

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