6 Best Choke for Goose Hunting [Buying Guide 2023]

Finding the perfect choke for hunting geese can be tough. Not every brand sell chokes made of 17-4 stainless steel features highly accurate spray patterns, unique triple shot technology, AND not every choke is compatible with different types of shotguns.

But don’t fret, because we can help you find the best choke for goose hunting. Here, we have a list of the 6 top products you can find in the market right now, offering all of those features.

We have emphasized accuracy and material. With great range and several shell sizes, these chokes will not fail to kill the geese. If that is the kind of choke you are looking for, read ahead to find the perfect one! 

The List of the Best Choke for Goose Hunting 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the finest chokes in the market for 12-gauge shotguns that you can use to make your hunting experiences a lot more comfortable.

1. Carlson’s Beretta Benelli Mobil Cremator Non-Porter Snow Goose Choke Tube

This is the current price of this Carlson’s Beretta Benelli Mobil Cremator Non-Porter Snow Goose Choke available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

We know that this is not a priority for most of you, but we can’t help but drool over the sleek white design of this choke. Definitely, we would suggest buying this choke because of its looks, but it has a lot more to offer.

This choke boasts some amazing accuracy with three rings embedded into the choke to make sure that shots progress at a gradual and predictable rate so you can make those tough long-range shots. 

As we said in the intro, we think the material is a priority when picking out a good choke, so we really rate the heat-treated 17-4 stainless steel build highly. Along with this sturdy material, there is a white ceramic coating.

These chokes do not restrict steel shots in any way, speed, or size, which means that you are not limited to a single type of bullet. 

This versatility is unique as renowned chokes such as Remington Pro and Optima HP are not compatible with sizes of over #2.


  • Carlson’s are among the best producers in the market
  • Design is simply gorgeous
  • Accuracy of this choke is a cut above the rest
  • Perfectly suited for steel shots
  • The stainless steel is durable


  • Poor performance in short-range
  • Not great for other types of bullets

2. Light Modified Browning 1138333 Goose Band Extended Invector-DS Choke Tube

This is the current price of this Light Modified Browning 1138333 Goose Band Extended Invector-DS Choke available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

This is another stunner. The beautiful stainless steel (more on that later) really does put the design head and shoulders above most other chokes in the market. On top of that, the polished design with the golden highlights certainly has won our hearts. 

It’s like Browning and Carlson’s are in direct competition with these two chokes, and the consumer is benefiting big time. This choke offers amazing accuracy with patterns that do not change much from shot to shot. 

Compared to other chokes in the market, the spray pattern and density are downright impressive, and the consistency just seals the deal.

The competition continues with the material as well. Stainless steel seems to be a popular choice, and for some good reasons too. It’s durable and strong, so it is quite suitable for chokes and guns. 

We would like to point out that Browning did a much better job showing off the beauty of stainless steel, something that is hidden by white ceramic in Carlson’s choke.


  • Another stunning choke that looks beautiful
  • The accuracy is not just good but really consistent
  • Stainless steel is tried and tested for gun components
  • Another choke that is engineered for steel shots


  • Again, does not work too well with other bullets

3. Carlson’s Browning Invector Plus Cremator Non-Ported Snow Goose Choke Tube

This is the current price of this Carlson’s Browning Invector Plus Cremator Non-Ported Snow Goose Choke available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

You must be wondering: Are all chokes beautiful? No, not really. The reason why this is yet another product that takes your breath away is that, well, it is almost exactly like the first product. The only difference comes in its dimension but more on that later.

Well, as we mentioned before, this is basically the elder bro of product no.1, and as such, this choke has great accuracy, thanks to the three-step shot technology.

You can pre-plan your shots and get accurate results with this choke as well. And more likely, you are going to hit the kill zone with such accuracy.

Yeah, the build is the same as well. Both these chokes are made from high-quality materials that will last for years to come.

Surprise surprise! Product no.1 and this choke also cater to the same type of bullets. Who could have predicted it?

It must be killing you. Why did we write about the same product twice? Well, that is because they actually have a pretty significant difference. 

This choke is a lot wider, with a diameter of 0.725 compared to the previous product’s 0.710. Meaning the spread is significantly more.


  • Aesthetic design just like the first product
  • Better for short-range because of the wider diameter
  • Triple shot technology offers great accuracy
  • Stainless steel doesn’t let you down


  • As with the first two chokes, isn’t as great with other types of bullets

4. Carlsons Non-Ported Long Range Choke Tube for Beretta/Benelli Mobil

This is the current price of this Carlsons Non-Ported Long Range Choke Tube for Beretta/Benelli Mobil available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

A little bit of disappointment in terms of looks, but we can’t all be Danny DeVito. But what it lacks in aesthetics, it more than makes up for that in range; this choke offers a great spray pattern even when taking shots from way far out.

This can be credited to the constricted build with a relatively small diameter of 0.700. It makes hitting the kill zone from far out much easier.

Yet again, the triple shot technology comes in super handy. This is a staple in the cremator model offered by Carlson’s, and you will not find us complaining because we love this feature.

It’s an ingenious method to boost up accuracy and give shots that perfect spread in most ranges. This choke is better suited for long distances as a sharp contrast.  

Stainless steel is considered military-grade for a good reason, and Carlson seems to understand that really well, as all their chokes are made of this great material.


  • A phenomenal range that puts the previous chokes to shame
  • Reliable accuracy with the triple shot technology
  • Easy installation that doesn’t even require a wrench
  • Stainless steel comes in the clutch again


  • Boring matte-black design
  • Bad for short-range

5. Patternmaster 12ga Browning Invector Plus/Winchester SX3, SX4 Code Black Goose

This is the current price of this Patternmaster 12ga Browning Invector Plus/Winchester SX3, SX4 Code Black Goose available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

Now, this product looks pretty sleek with the golden color. It is not quite as beautiful as the first three chokes, but we appreciate the simple and classy design that can be considered timeless. 

This is one of the only chokes on this list that can be considered a specific type of choke, and this categorizing makes it much easier to recognize the merits and appropriate use of this choke.

A full choke offers amazing accuracy from long ranges. It has a very precise spray pattern that can accurately hit the kill zone no matter the distance. The stud ring apparently lowers this already impressive shot string.

This choke is specialized for goose hunting as it is a bit longer than the duck hunting models at 1.5 inches compared to their 1 inch to make it compatible with 3.5-inch shells.

The material is a little unique on this choke. It improves on the already great 17-4 stainless steel by infusing titanium into it.


  • Amazing range
  • Reliable accuracy
  • Works with 3.5-inch rounds
  • The titanium-infused stainless steel really is something else


  • Does not perform well for short-range kills

6. Patternmaster 12ga Remington Code Black Goose

This is the current price of this Patternmaster 12ga Remington Code Black Goose available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

Pretty much the only discernible difference between this product and the previous one is its looks. The rustic brown really does look really cool and unique. Granted, it is not as classy as the previous product, but we still like the heavy-duty look.

As we mentioned, this is the exact same choke, just in a different style and color. Full-constriction is amazing for long-range hunting and works really well with this product as well. 

With a little bit of practice on your aim, this choke can really improve your hunting skills as it offers maximum accuracy. The short shot string also hits the kill zone in one hit, which makes for a more humane kill.

Again, the specialization comes in handy here, as the 3.5-inch bullets are quite literally the perfect bullets for goose-hunting.

Finally, the material is the same as well, and can you blame them? We believe they have the perfect choke in terms of durability with this material.


  • Cool rustic design
  • Unbeatable range
  • Unrivaled accuracy
  • Compatible with 3.5-inch bullets 
  • Top-tier material


  • Poor range

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Things to Consider Before Buying best choke for goose hunting

There are several features you need to keep in mind before buying the best choke for goose hunting. According to us, you need to analyze each of these features carefully and sort out your priorities before making a purchase.

The Type of Choke

This is a no-brainer. Each type of choke functions very differently, and you need to pick out the type that suits your needs best. It will be helpful if you start by knowing your options and understanding which options best suit your needs or hunting style.

You can choose between an extra-full choke, full choke, modified choke, improved cylinder choke, cylinder choke, or a skeet choke. The varieties are endless. If you are confused about this part, don’t worry, we will cover it in detail.

The Range

It’s pretty obvious that for long distances, your choke’s abilities will be nerfed down pretty significantly. If you do like to do a little bit of long-range hunting, you need to find a model that caters to your needs.

The range depends on the type of choke you are using. For example, super full chokes offer the tightest patterns, meaning that your accuracy is maxed out on these chokes.

Your Accuracy

Another aspect that determines how fitting a choke is for you is how good you are at hunting. It’s not a surprise that tighter chokes are harder to use; you need to hit the target quite precisely. 

Experienced and skilled hunters often opt for a tighter choke as they can make the shots despite the restricting angles. We suggest practicing your aim with the tighter chokes as they up your game big time and make you a much better hunter.

The Terrain

This one is pretty important too. Different terrains ask for different spray patterns. This is related to the range, but it’s not exactly the same thing. 

In terms of range, a wider and empty terrain means that the goose obviously has a better chance to run further away, and you need to take the shot from a much longer distance than you would if its path was restricted.

But at the same time, the number of obstacles can also be your downfall as they can fall behind cover if you are in terrain like a dense forest, or more accurately in terms of hunting geese, in a pond with a lot of other animals or shrubbery.

You need to pick a choke that is perfectly suited for hunting in the terrain you want to hunt, as this can make or break your hunting experience.

The Price

Last but certainly not least, you need to find a choke with your budget. People can spend hundreds and millions of dollars on hunting without even realizing it. We would like to emphasize the need to be responsible with your finances.

As such, we suggest you set a budget that you absolutely never cross when buying the choke; we highly recommend that you are strict about this as spending on hunting can be just as addictive as gambling.

Once you have set the budget, look at all the other features and choose accordingly. Make sure you purchase the most cost-effective choke for you.

Types of Chokes

So now that you know a little bit about what factors you should go for when purchasing chokes, let’s look at what’s arguably the most important factor- the type of choke.

Extra-Full Choke

We’re going to rank them by how tight the pattern is. As the order suggests, this has the most precise range. Even from long distance, the shots spread considerably lesser than all the types of chokes.

The accuracy comes in super handy as you can precisely deliver blows in the kill zone and kill the geese in the most humane and quickest way possible. This lethality earns it the name of super full or gobbler getters.

Full Choke 

Next up, we have the slightly less accurate choke in a full choke. These chokes give up a little bit of accuracy to increase the spread. As such, you need to be a lot less precise with your shots when hunting.

That’s not to say it’s a huge difference. It still offers an impressively tight spray that can exactly hit the kill zone. The spray pattern spreads out a lot more down the list.

Modified Choke 

We’re no longer using the adjective full, meaning we have increased the spray pattern significantly now. This is the mid-tier spray that finds a good balance between the bullet spread and the number of bullets that hit the kill zone exactly.

It’s not like the kills will be inhumane, but they will definitely be a lot harder to nail on the first try than the previous two entries.

Improved Cylinder Choke

From modified to improved, it isn’t a huge jump, but it is certainly noticeable. This one is great for short-range kills as you are unlikely to miss with such a vast shot spread.

As we mentioned before, we get less and less accurate as we go down the list, and following that trend, you will have a really hard time hitting the kill zone from long on these chokes.

Cylinder Choke 

The penultimate type of chokes that we are going to discussing is the cylinder chokes. As the name suggests, this is a nerfed-down version of the improved cylinder choke. This choke is yet again great for short-range expeditions.

As a matter of fact, its lethality in the short-range is so good that it is the choke of choice for military personnel. But as you can probably already guess, this means it’s pretty inaccurate when shooting from out.

Skeet Choke

Finally, we have the choke of choice for those of you who like to get right up to the geese before taking the shot. This one is designated for short-range hunting. That is why they are still a great shout for the best choke for goose hunting.

Getting a kill with this from long-range is about as likely as winning the lottery. It’s possible, but you’re more likely to get hit by a car on the way to purchasing a ticket.

FAQs on Best Choke For Goose Hunting

  1. Do I need a choke?

Yes, you need a choke unless you want your shots to literally fly everywhere. They are vital to hit the kill zone and kill the geese as humanely as possible.

  1. Are geese dangerous and hard to hunt?

Geese may attack you if you get too close, but there have been no reports of severe injuries from geese attacks, so you are probably good.

  1. What is the best terrain for hunting geese?

Geese tend to live around lakes and ponds, so you will likely find yourself a lot of them around these wet areas.

  1. What is the best distance to take shots from?

This depends on the type of choke you are using. The more the bullets spread, the better it is for short-range hunting. We recommend shooting from a longer range, depending on the pattern density of your choke. 

  1. How do I improve my shot accuracy?

This requires quite a bit of training. We suggest printing a target and practicing your shots in an empty field. You don’t want to be disturbing any neighbors now.

Final Words

We hope that this article helped you make a decision on the best choke for goose hunting that will satisfy you for a long and help you in your goose hunting adventures for years to come. 

Our recommendation would be to opt for the Carlson’s Cremator Beretta Benelli choke, as it features 17-4 stainless steel material, accurate pattern, and can be used with a variety of shotguns. That is our opinion, but the decision is always yours!

Just make sure the choke you are getting makes your job of hunting easier. Good luck!

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