7 Best Turkey Chokes for Mossberg 835 in 2023

There’s no doubt that Mossberg 835 is simply the perfect firearm for taking a bunch of turkeys down in the wild. But are you sure that it’s going to be enough for that hunting adventure of yours?

Clearly, you’re going to need something a bit durable to help it there that also comes with total accuracy and better range. Yes, we’re talking about getting the best turkey chokes for Mossberg 835. Otherwise, with a random choke, be ready to miss on a few.

So, which one do you have in mind? Oops! That’s what you’ve come here for, right? Well, we’ve got all the finest turkey chokes for your Mossberg 835 that are waiting for you to check them out. Let’s proceed then.

The List of the Best Turkey Chokes for Mossberg 835

Do you know what’s common in the top hunters? They all know what can get them their targets, and that includes having the right choke. So, to be like them, you need to know your share of that part too. Well, to ease that part of yours, we’ve brought in the top 7 turkey chokes for your Mossberg 835. The first one there is –

1. Carlsons, Mossberg 835/935 TSS Turkey Choke Tube

This is the current price of this Carlsons, Mossberg 835/935 TSS Turkey Choke Tube available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

If it’s not your first time with chokes, the Carlson’s is a name that you’ve probably heard at least once. Their amazing ability to create great choke tubes has been taken a step further with the 38020 TSS Turkey Choke Tubes.

It doesn’t matter if your arsenal got a 12 or 20-ga shotgun, they can keep up with both. So, if you ever think about switching to heavier firepower, we don’t think the chokes are going to stand in your way.

But what has made them so good that we had to count them as one of the best choices for Mossberg M835/M935? Well, there’s no doubt that 38020 was optimized for the Federal Premium TSS. But the interesting fact is you can give them a shot with turkey ammunition from other manufacturers as well.

In case you prefer Heavyweight-TSS Turkey Load from Federal Premium, you can trust these choke tubes for a pile of perfect shots. Thanks to its ability to carry the energy further regardless of the pallet count, whether it’s 7 or 9. By the way, this is the feature that has also made them perfect 20 and 12-Ga.

Now comes the density part. Compared to the heavyweight shot, TSS has a density that is 22% heavier. But that’s not all! If you go for a comparison with the traditional lead shot, then it’ll rise to 56%.

The TSS is incredible with accuracy as well. If you take a shot at 40 yards, they can easily ensure keeping most of the pallets in the 10″ circle. So, no turkey will be too far from you with a range like that.


  • Can go with 12 and 20-ga
  • High density compared to heavyweight shots
  • Capable of carrying energy further
  • Comes with greater accuracy
  • Can hit the target at 40 yards distance


  • Not for them who are looking for extra-full chokes

2. MOJO Outdoors Fatal Shot Custom Turkey Choke Tube

This is the current price of this MOJO Outdoors Fatal Shot Custom Turkey Choke Tube available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

When you put together years of experience and some efficient hands together, what you can expect is nothing but excellence, and that’s what team MOJO Outdoors has done. Do you want proof? Then take a look at their Custom Turkey Choke Tube.

How a choke is going to perform to a huge extent depends on the design alone. Guess what? The makers of this tube simply nailed it with their computerized design. But to be sure about the performance, they’ve taken it through some thorough testing and pushed it to an optimum level.  

On top of that, once you bring it on, you won’t need multiple chokes for sure. After all, why would you need so if it can take almost all kinds of shots for you? Thanks to these non-ported tubes, you won’t fall short in getting consistent point-of-impact with every load.

But what we loved the most about it is the denser and uniform pattern that has been proved really helpful in taking the turkeys down. So, clearly, you’ll be able to keep the killings cleaner and quicker, even if the targets are 75-80 yards far.

Plus, the convenient grip has made it all super easy to change, and you won’t even have to lay your hands on any extra tools. Besides, you can’t help loving its durability part too. After all, it’s made of 17-4ph Stainless Steel.


  • Ensures consistent point-of-impact
  • Comes with a convenient grip
  • Allows taking quicker and cleaner shots
  • Requires no tool for changing
  • Made of durable stainless steel


  • A bit expensive

3. Jelly Head Primos Maximum Turkey Choke Tube

This is the current price of this Jelly Head Primos Maximum Turkey Choke Tube available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

Not every choke can get that ‘killer’ vibe when you look at them. But things are a bit different in the case of Jelly Head Maximum Turkey Choke from Primos. Just looking at it will make you feel like you’ve grabbed the right one in.

Usually, what a true hunter always asks for is a better shot pattern along with reduced recoil. Trust us! This one will pull that off so perfectly that you’ll feel like being on hunting peak. Thanks to its extended taper and fluted ports for that.

There’s one more thing that pulls a hunter back while buying a choke, and that is the range. After all, nobody wants to let their hunt slip away just because they couldn’t cover the distance. Thankfully, you won’t be facing that with this Primos creation as it can cover 40 yards distance like a piece of cake.

Now the question is how much this choke can tighten the patterns? We don’t know how much you’ve got that in the other chokes, but in this one, you’ll get it up to 20%.

Obviously, you’ll be looking for some durability here as well. Don’t worry; with the Proprietary Black-T coating, this bad boy will keep you away from hassles like corrosion and rust in order to last long.


  • Pulls off a better shot pattern
  • Ensures reduced recoil
  • Covers 40 yards distance easily
  • Capable of tightening the pattern 20%
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion


  • Can’t shoot TSS loads

4. Primos Hunting 6773 Tightwad Choke Tube

This is the current price of this Primos Hunting 6773 Tightwad Choke Tube available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

It seems team Primos is not done with just getting one choke on the topper’s list, and now they’re back with another one. Yes, this time they’ve come up with the 6773 Tightwad Choke Tube.

No matter what you’re planning to shoot, whether they’re the copper-plated lead, lead, or hevi-shot, this choke tube can surely be a big help. Plus, even if you’ve got a collection of firearms like Browning, Benelli, Beretta, Mossberg, or Remington, getting just one of these will be enough for all of them.

But what’s the meaning of all these features if it can’t even stick around for a few years? Well, for eliminating that regret, the makers have made this CNC machined choke resistant to all weather conditions. A fair share of credit for the durability goes to its coat too.

Unlike all those expensive high-end chokes, this one won’t be digging too deep in your pocket for sure. Besides, installing and removing is so easy that you won’t even need a tool to put it on your gun.

The tight-wad of 6773 makes sure that you’re getting a pattern that can densely spread the pallets without pushing the circle more than 30″. On top of that, it can take down targets from a 40-yard distance.


  • Compatible with different shotgun brands
  • Capable of taking different types of shots
  • Resistant to weather conditions
  • Allows tool-free installation
  • Delivers tight patterns


  • Incompatible with Mossberg 500

5. Mossberg 835 12 Gauge Extra Full Turkey Extended Choke

This is the current price of this Mossberg 835 12 Gauge Extra Full Turkey Extended Choke available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

If you’re a fan of the ‘keep it plain and simple’ policy, then we bet you’re going to love the next one on our list. After all, it’s the Extra Full Turkey Extended Choke from Mossberg.

With a diameter of 22mm, it can easily slip in your shotgun and get you precise shots in no time. But what if it takes half of your time to get in? If you’re assuming that, then probably you haven’t noticed that it’s nothing but one of the easiest choke to install.

By the way, while hunting down a turkey, what matters the most? Is it a tight pattern or higher range? Don’t worry; you will have to miss none of them here as this Mossberg creation can’t only get you a tighter pattern but also a better shooting range.

Plus, the perfect finish makes it last longer for your upcoming shooting adventures. But it would’ve been useless if the metal it was made of wasn’t anything high-end.

We know you’re looking for a choke that will fit perfectly with your Mossberg 835. Thankfully, this choke is specifically made for that. So, you call it both a good side and bad side that you can’t fit it in any other shotguns, not even the other models from Mossberg.


  • Comes with a perfect diameter
  • Highly convenient to install
  • Delivers a tight pattern
  • Can cover a big shooting range
  • Made of strong materials


  • Can’t shoot stew shot

6. Carlsons 70160 Long Beard Ported Turkey Choke Tubes

This is the current price of this Carlsons 70160 Long Beard Ported Turkey Choke Tubes available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

For chokes, Carlson’s have proved every time why they’re among the top brands. The level of excellence they put in their chokes has made them among the favorites for hunters. Making no exception to that, they’ve brought the 70160 Long Beard Ported Turkey Choke Tubes.

The first thing that has made it a hell of a choke is its pattern. With Shot-Lok Technology, you’re going to get the best and tightest patterns. This is the same feature that is responsible for its longer downrange reach.

On top of that, with this choke, it’s possible to attain 10 percent greater penetration compared to standard lead shots. And you want to know about the distance it can cover? That’s 50+ yards!

Besides, you won’t have to struggle with the installation too. Like the other high-end chokes, team Carlson’s has taken care of that part perfectly.

To give it a killer look, the makers have added some amazing grooving on the top. But that’s not the only appealing part of this dark knight. It also comes with a non-reflective finish that has made a piece worthy of looking. And yes, you can fit it in on both 835 and 935.


  • Ensures the tightest patterns
  • Allows long downrange reach
  • Can render 10% greater penetration
  • Capable of reaching 50+ yards
  • Has a nice non-reflective finish


  • Steel shots larger than #4 are not recommended

7. TRUGLO TG181X Head Banger 12 Gauge Mossberg 835

This is the current price of this TRUGLO TG181X Head Banger 12 Gauge Mossberg 835 available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

It’s time to reveal the final one on our list. But before we utter the name, know this, it’s a choke made to take your shooting performance to a whole other level. Any guess on the name? Yes, it’s the TG181X Head Banger from TRUGLO.

Bringing in the lethal pattern has always been the thing of the team TRUGLO, and clearly, they’ve repeated it here too. Thanks to its Multi-phase groove technology for pulling that off.

And guess what the secret is behind its optimum precision? If your answer is it being CNC machined, then you’re absolutely right. Plus, you can improve your shots with the help of the turkey loads like Winchester®, Hevi•Shot®, Federal Premium®, etc. BTW, it works for all the other high-performance turkey loads too.

For better durability, the makers thought heat-treated steel would be an ideal choice. To be honest, they were absolutely right about it. But won’t you need better sealing and seating too? Don’t worry; the polished end face got that covered.

Plus, with that nice black finish all over, you won’t have to worry about rusting even a bit. But there’s one more thing about the TG181X we think worth mentioning, and that is its ease of installation, which don’t need more than1 or 2 minutes at most.


  • Ensures the optimum precision
  • Delivers impressive and lethal patterns
  • Comes with better sealing and seating
  • Heat-treated still construction for better durability
  • Comes with an easy installation process


  • Not the cheapest one

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Turkey Choke for Mossberg 835

Do you remember the time when you were buying your Mossberg 835? You’ve taken that because somehow you probably got to know that this one is going to be the finest one for your next hunting adventures. We bet while picking that up, you definitely went through a certain consideration.

You need to do the same thing to find out the best turkey chokes for Mossberg 835. But this one’s going to be a little different because a choke and an entire firearm are definitely not the same things from a buyer’s perspective. So, what you’ll have to do is just check on the following things.


Call it the most important aspect that you need to put on your consideration list. A choke can have compatibility with one or multiple firearms. So, while you’re looking for the right choke for your shotgun, make sure that it’s compatible with your one.

One more thing! We won’t be surprised if you say that you’ve got an entire collection of shotguns. In such cases, try to pick a choke that you can use on multiple guns of yours. After all, buying separate chokes for each of the guns can be proved as an expensive move. 


The accuracy of your shot to a huge extent depends on the constriction alone. If you were asking for shooting down something big with a slog shot, we would’ve asked you to go for a bigger number in the constriction segment. But for hunting turkey, you’ll need a choke with a low constriction size.


How long a choke is going to stick to you will be determined by what it’s made of and how you’re taking care of it. So, there’s no way to underestimate the importance of quality material here.

If you’re asking for a suggestion, then we say it’s better to go with something made of stainless steel or heat-treated steel for better durability. But make sure that whatever the material is, it’s nothing too heavy as that might cause minor imbalance while taking a shot.


No matter whatever it is, always think about getting what is comparatively easy to install and that’s applicable for turkey chokes too. Moreover, with easier installation, we think a choke becomes less prone to getting stuck.


Who said the turkey will always be roaming closer to you? If that’s what you’re expecting in the wild, then don’t blame us for any disappointments later on. Having a better range has always been proved useful in hunting. 

So, while choosing your next choke, check out if it can help you to catch the targets with the pallet or not, regardless of the distance.

FAQs on Best Turkey Chokes for Mossberg 835

  • Can a turkey choke improve the accuracy?

Yes, it can, but for that, you need to make sure that you’re being precise enough with your skill. Otherwise, no matter what kind of choke you’re using, you can’t reach 100% of its performance.

  • As a beginner, what kind of range you need to keep in mind while picking a choke?

Well, if you’re really a beginner, then rather than worrying about the choke, you better focus on sharpening your skill. But if you’ve improved enough on that part, then we think a choke with a range of 40 yards will be perfect.

  • What if you find it hard to remove a choke?

Ending up with a stuck choke is nothing impossible. But there’s no need to worry about that if you’ve got releasing fluid. Use some of them, and later on, use a hairdryer for expanding the barrels as it’ll make the choke loosen up.

  • Can a tight pattern help with confirming killing?

Yes, it can, but when the target is in a bit distant position. But for close range, there’s a high chance of missing the target. For that, you need complete accuracy, or at least enough to hit the target.

  • Can dirt mess with the performance of the choke?

It definitely can reduce the choke’s performance. So, after you’re done with the shooting, make sure that you’re cleaning it up right away.

Final Words

You know your weapon more than anyone else out there. After all, it’s you who’s pulling the trigger this time. So, it’s you who can understand which one will be the best turkey chokes for Mossberg 835 for you.

But if you’re still feeling a bit confused, we can help you with a few suggestions. When you’re up for a choke that you can use on shotguns with variation in caliber like 12 ga to 20 ga, then Carlson’s 38020 will be just perfect. 

There’s a chance that you might be looking for chokes to cover a longer shooting range. If that’s the case, go for the MOJO Outdoors Custom Turkey Choke Tube. Now the question is, what will you choose when you’ve got multiple brands to cover? Well, for that, you can pick the Primos 6773.

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