Best Turkey Choke for Mossberg 500 [Review & Buying Guide 2023]

The term “turkey choke” refers to a cylinder that is attached to the end of the shotgun slug and extends the range of your shot. Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, or bronze are the most common metals used to make these scopes, but they can be used with any shotgun or rifle.

This article explains how to select the best turkey choke for Mossberg 500 that best suit your requirements. Skeet Choke (also called Full Choke) and Improved Cylinder (also called Full Choke). Any of you planning a trip to hunt turkeys in the near future should consider purchasing a quality turkey choke for your Mossberg 500.

Using the eight items listed below, we’ve put together a comprehensive tutorial on how to choose a shotgun choke.

1. Carlson’s Winchester-Browning Choke Tube

Brass is used to make the Winchester-Browning Choke Tube, which has a red finish. With the addition of no steel shot greater than 4, it has an enhanced cylinder choke. All Winchester-Browning shotguns, excluding the Browning Lightning variants, may use the choke tube. About an inch past the end of your shotgun’s barrel, Carlson’s Winchester-Browning Choke Tube is made to fit. This choke tube is ideal for hunting small animals and birds because of its extra length, which improves pattern spread and shot pellet separation Most hunters and snipers nowadays utilize a choke tube with a 1.050″ Parallel Section.

Maximizing pattern performance at long range has been the goal of Carlson’s Winchester-Browning Choke Tube. Carlson’s Winchester-Browning Choke Tubes are made of 17-4 heat-treated stainless steel and are built to endure the worst weather conditions. Your shotgun’s choke tube is custom-made to ensure a flawless fit. The matte blue finish provides it with a slick appeal, whether you’re hunting or shooting skeets. If you have a Winchester or a Browning shotgun, this attachment is a must-have accessory for you.

2. Carlson’s Sporting Clays Choke Tubes

It’s intended for the ardent sports clay shooter to use Carlson Sporting Clays Choke Tubes. With the Full/.700 constriction, you get the best of both worlds in terms of pattern density, speed, and recoil. For decades, the aerospace and medical sectors have relied on 17-4 stainless steel, a super-alloy utilized in Carlson’s Sporting Clays Choke Tubes. It’s also very long-lasting, nonmagnetic, and corrosion-resistant. A unique “step” drilled into the tube side increases the surface area of these choke tubes in connection with the shot shaft for improved performance.

Both lead and steel bullets can be patterned more precisely because of this. Only Carlson’s Sporting Clays Choke Tubes include a knurled end for ease of removal from the barrel when hunting with choke tubes. Precision-made and constriction-tested, Carlson’s Sporting Clays Choke Tubes guarantee consistent performance. A constriction number is laser-marked on one end of each tube, and the Carlson logo is on the other.

3. TRUGLO Gobble-Stopper Choke Tube

You’ll be glad you have the TRUGLO Gobble-Stopper Choke Tube when you go turkey hunting with the whole family. You can see your target more clearly because of the choke tube’s ability to diffuse light. You can be certain that it’s constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, precisely CNC-machined, and anodized in black to withstand years of usage. Gobble Tube is a must-have for your shotgun’s accessories. Unlike other chokes, it can handle a wide range of turkey loads and generates a pattern that is denser. Turkey calls made with the choke tube sound like they’re coming from the end of your rifle’s barrel when you fire it, thanks to its patent-pending design.

To make your shotgun sound more authentic, place the TRUGLO Gobble Stopper on it. You can aim more accurately and quickly with the Tube because of its built-in dot sight. While turkey hunting, you don’t have to worry about lugging along heavy optics on your shotgun. The only other choke tube featuring a dual-colored Turkey Sight is the TRUGLO Tube. To assist you to locate your shotgun after the hunt, the red & green turkey sight may be used to designate it.

4. Carlson’s 70135, Beretta Benelli Choke Tube

The Benelli Super Black Eagle shotgun is compatible with the Carlson’s 70135, Beretta Benelli choke tube, which is made of stainless steel. It is heat-treated to ensure its long-term endurance and strength. This Beretta shotgun choke tube is a must-have accessory. For better follow-up shot placement, it lessens the muzzle jump and recoil.

There’s a revolutionary one-piece construction with a novel threadless connection on the Carlson’s 70135 Tube that gives strength and longevity. Improve your shotgun’s performance by using Carlson’s 70135 Tube. This tube is specifically intended to be utilized with 20 gauge shotgun to provide the finest possible patterns. Any 20-gauge shotgun with a cylinder bore will be able to use this product with no problems.

5. Carlson’s Cremator Ported Choke Tube

Because of the design of Carlson’s gun, you may fire any lead or non-toxic ammunition through it, regardless of its size or speed. Extended range shooting calls for Carlson’s Cremator Ported Choke Tubes. These tubes are designed to offer you an advantage.

In the center of the choke tube, Carlson’s Cremator Tube has a ported parallel portion that allows more pellets to be shot simultaneously. Shotgun pattern density may be improved by using Carlson’s Cremator Ported Choke Tube. Using a 25 percent longer parallel section, these choke tubes provide a more uniform firing pattern The shot has a broader path to go through them, making them less prone to clogging.

These chokes’ porting reduces shot deformation compared to conventional chokes. To make the process of changing your shotgun’s chokes as simple as possible, Carlson’s tubes are created. The Carlson’s Cremator may be installed without the need of a wrench because of its innovative design. Faster target acquisition is made possible by the ports on such chokes, which assist decrease muzzle jump. Heat-treated stainless steel (17-4) is used to make the choke tubes. Shot support, shot seating depth, and internal design all contribute to Triple Shot Technology’s uniqueness.

6. Carlson’s Inv-Moss 500 Sporting Clays Choke Tubes

Anodized 17-04 stainless steel is used to make the Carlson Inv-Moss 500 Choke Tubes. The small constriction design of Carlson’s Inv-Moss choke tubes enables sportsmen to shoot further and more accurately. This kind of choke tube is meant to generate tight, consistent customs and a lower rate of recoil than traditional chokes. To meet the needs of the most demanding clay shooters, Carlson has produced the Inv-MoS 500 Sporting Clay Choke Tubes. You can fire more accurately and consistently thanks to the 25 percent parallel section, which is longer than standard choke tubes.

Sporting clays shooters who don’t want to deal with chokes that aren’t suitable with their shotgun will like this choke tube. To remove your shotgun’s choke tube quickly and easily, use Carlson’s Inv-Moss 500 Tubes. Designed for shotguns in the 12- and 20-gauge range, the Carlson Inv-Mos 500  Tubes are an excellent option. A knurled end makes insertion a breeze, and the matte surface prevents reflections.

7. Carlson’s Browning Invector Plus Long Beard Ported

This shotgun choke from Carlson’s Browning is the ideal choice for sportsmen who want the most out of their shotguns. It will provide you with the tightest and most consistent design of any choke now available on the market. With a strong shotgun, this choke tube is a great alternative for hunters who want to take down huge and difficult birds

Browning Choke is composed of 17-4 stainless steel to withstand years of usage and the recoil generated by large shot loads. Reduced recoil and minimal damage to the shotgun barrel are the main advantages of this particular choke tube. For rapid follow-up rounds, Carlson’s Browning Long Beard has been ported to lessen muzzle jump and recoil.

More gas can seal between the barrel’s forcing cone and the choke thanks to the Invector Plus Choke tube’s 25% longer parallel section. This long-range rifle’s triple shot technique reduces the number of flying pellets and increases precision. A knurled end of the turkey choke allows you to retrieve the choke from your accessory bag even after it’s been buried in there for some time. In order to minimize muzzle jump and recoil, this choke has a longer parallel length.

8. Jelly Head Primos Turkey

When used with a 12-gauge shotgun, the Primos Jelly Head Choke delivers consistently effective results. Up to 50 yards, the 4-shot provides a respectable spread. If you utilize the number 6 shot, it’s also ideal for short-range shooting.

Chrome Alloy Steel is used to construct the Jelly Head Choke, and its knurled end makes it simple to remove. As a wrench-challenged individual, I recommend this entire choke tube. Installing it is as simple as twisting it in or out of the barrel; it sticks out approximately 2 inches from the barrel.

This choke tube has lengthy portholes for ample outgassing and is simple to install. This reduces the amount of recoil felt by the shooter, sparing their shoulder. You may put this choke on your shotgun by hand and it will fit perfectly. Unlike other manufacturers, this choke has a corrosion-resistant coating that is designed to endure longer than the competition.

Buying Guide for Best Turkey Choke for Mossberg 500

One of the most significant aspects of turkey hunting is the turkey choke. To kill birds like these with a shotgun is not what they were designed for; they were intended for bigger prey like deer. But without your using the appropriate ammo or at least placing something called Bird Choke between them, you won’t be able to take down a turkey. Regardless of how far away the bird is, you can use the perfect choke to bring it down with ease and accuracy. To help you decide which Turkey Choke to use, here are a few pointers:

Learn About Birds

The size of the target is critical before you begin hunting, or at least acquire an estimate of it. This will assist you to distinguish between the correct choke and the incorrect one.

It is important to be familiar with the many Turkey chokes available because of their size and shape. Choose the one that is most conducive to your desired outcome. It’s possible to find them in a variety of shapes and sizes, with varying degrees of diameter and length. The kind of choke you apply is entirely up to you in this situation.

Preparation Is Key

You should always keep in mind that while hunting for turkeys, their wings may be lethal if they attack, so make sure you use the appropriate choke for the task. The “Full” kind of Turkey Choke is the most prevalent and is ideal for turkeys because of its uniformly sized diameter.

It’s important to be aware of the weight you carry.

No matter what sort of turkey choke you use, you must select between buckshot, slugs, or birdshot before loading your shotgun with a choke. This is a need. As a general rule, birdshot is not acceptable. When it comes to turkey hunting, slugs and buckshot are the weapons of choice.

Know Your Gauge

Check the type of shotgun you own before purchasing a choke for it, since they come in a wide range of sizes.

Barrel Education

For turkey hunting, don’t settle for a choke that just fits your shotgun’s barrel precisely; instead, look for a choke that will provide you an edge over these birds, such as more accuracy. If you’re going turkey hunting, don’t use birdshot! Buckshot is required because of their size, which is greater than that of birds.

Be Aware Of Your Vendor

Turkey chokes are available in a variety of price ranges from high-end to low-end, depending on where you get them. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The greatest deals can be found on places like eBay or Amazon. Just ensure the choke you wish to buy is suitable for your shotgun before you make any purchases, since certain chokes may not be compatible with your shotgun.

Know What People Are Saying About You on the Internet

Checking online for Turkey Choke reviews may be really beneficial if you’re trying to get the greatest offer. Other hunters’ experiences with the product might give you a good idea of whether or not it’s right for your shotgun.


First and foremost, you need to think about how long-lasting the product will be. In the long run, a choke tube that is more robust will be able to withstand more grueling usage. High-quality materials, such as corrosion resistance or alloy steel, are used to make the finest Turkey choke tubes. Construction materials are another critical consideration. The more robust the materials, the lengthier the choke tube will endure and stand up under hard usage.

Design of a Choke-Tube

Another element to consider is the overall design. Consider the size and location of the port holes, as well as the tube’s overall length and breadth. Generally speaking, the greater the ports holes in your choke tube, the more the gas will leak from your shot. This reduces the amount of recoil you feel while firing. As more little portholes are used, the pattern will be somewhat tighter than if there are just a few big portholes.

Installation and De-installation are a breeze.

The finest turkey choke tubes may be installed and removed from a shotgun without any need for extra equipment or effort. When it comes to developing choke tubes, manufacturers focus on simplicity and ease of usage in the field.

Types of chokes for turkey hunting

The choke tubes used for turkey hunting are distinct from those for other types of hunting.

Here are some of the most common forms of turkey chokes.

  • Ported
  • Chokes with no ports.
  • Longer flushes cause chokes.

Chokes with a ported design

Tighter patterns are achieved by using turkey chokes that have been ported. Shotgun barrels of all calibers benefit from the grooves and holes that are carefully positioned.

Chokes with no ports

With a non-ported turkey choke, you get a somewhat tighter, more accurate pattern for rapid kills, and they’re meant to generate denser patterns. No ports or grooves are carved into these tubes.

Chokes that are too long

For the correct target to be shot fast, longer tubes are intended to deliver your shotgun’s effectiveness with as much distance and precision as feasible.

Additional shot and powder charges may ignite in the barrel prior to launching your payload with these chokes, which results in thicker patterns and better downrange performance.

Flush the Chokes

In order to fire more accurately, flush-mounted chokes are designed as near to the shotgun’s bore as feasible. Therefore, many hunters prefer using this choke because it enables them to get on aim quicker and shot with more precision.

To sum up 
A shotgun’s Turkey Choke is an essential component for hunting or target shooting since it enhances the accuracy of your rounds. You won’t have to break the money to get this weapon since it’s inexpensive and simple to install. Decide on the best Mossberg 500 turkey choke and the load you’ll be using before you begin. Ensure compatibility with your shotgun prior to purchasing.

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